Friday, October 17, 2008

Electric Cars!

Well, it's been some time and I figured I'd give some sort of an update. After some sort of crazy warm-up at the end of last week, temperatures dropped like stocks and we've been going between highs of 18/19 degrees down to around 0 (all on Fahrenheit, mind you). Then, on the way to work this morning, my car registered -7 degrees, and the "official" temperature is at -4. So it's getting chilly. But, the snow has come back, and our wood pile is quite well stocked for the coming months. The cold temperatures mean, of course, that we all pull out our electric cars and drive those around. And by that I mean we start plugging our cars in at night (and during the day) to cut down on emissions when we start the car (warm engines pollute less), and also to make sure that the car starts. Frozen oil does no good to anyone.

We have a week or so of midterms starting next week, then back to the same old, same old. Most of the people in the office are down at NW Glaciology in Seattle, which means that it's kinda quiet here. Next year, I suppose that I'll be heading there (assuming that I actually do work, of course), which should be quite fun and interesting. For now, I should probably get back to studying sea ice and re-learning Linear Algebra.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We gots wood. And snow.

Alright, I figure that people would like to see pictures of the snow that we have, since it's only October 5 and people in Michigan have likely forgotten what snow is, but will be reminded soon enough. I also felt I should post a picture of the wood pile, since it's quite impressively tall, and we're out of splittable logs until someone comes with a chain saw. I went out earlier and took out the last of the logs after watching the Lions play "football", and am now firmly rooting for 0-16. Anyway, without further ado, a picture of our house and of the woodpile:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Announcing the Creation of a Blog on this, the fourth day of Antioch...

So apparently I'm the only person in the world who does not blog already, and seeing as how I like to consider myself a man of the world, on top of all things current and modern, it was about time that I would create a "blog." So I have. And if you pay close enough attention, you'll notice that this blog was created on October 4, and yet there's a post from August 9 - mostly because I compiled all of my notes about the road trip into one big post for the blog, since I don't really have anything new yet. I'll update this when the mood strikes me, so check back often. Or not. It should be fun, right?